This project is to enable each needy child in schools, which are affiliated with our association to access school fees, uniforms, pens and books. Most of the children are orphans. You can volunteer on this project by teaching in one of the schools/ fundraising for this project OR by Sponsoring a child to acquire the above.

Kisoro Community Volunteers Association's main objectives are to promote research and development into continued law income in Kisoro District and to disseminate the results of any sustainable such research. Kisoro community volunteers association is developing a strategy for action against poverty and will be seeking partnership or close collaboration with any individual, organizations, companies, institutions, societies and associations, which have objects altogether or mainly similar to those of the association. is a charitable organization that was founded to help benefit small businesses and other charities. The Foundation's primary function is to provide technological services in return for charitable donations. Websites for Cures provides high quality professional web solutions to businesses who would not be able to afford it otherwise.

Scott Rehlander