Kisoro Community Volunteers Association is a Community-based organization founded In 2001 by Steven Rugigana . It is registered as a community-based organization with the directorate of community based services in Kisoro District. As a host organization for volunteers for local communities, it liaises and links international volunteers' organization, volunteers, universities, schools, orphanages, academic institutions and other non-academic institutions. The volunteers in turn provide capacity building and skills development to various professionals in our local communities.

This uplifts the quality of the services offered to the people and the District. And also helps to enhance development through increased opportunities / contacts with the international world.

The association has an office in Kisoro town which is run by a director and a coordinator. The office organizes service programs and identifies programs for volunteers. is a charitable organization that was founded to help benefit small businesses and other charities. The Foundation's primary function is to provide technological services in return for charitable donations. Websites for Cures provides high quality professional web solutions to businesses who would not be able to afford it otherwise.

Scott Rehlander