Volunteers work with and providing on site technical assistance to the following institution among others; (service programs). Objectives of the Proposed Kisoro Community Volunteers Association(Vocational Training), Kisoro District are to initiate demand-driven skills training among Youths and other Vulnerable Groups of Women and the Disabled within kisoro District, KCVA Project Zone for a sustainable development of the Region; to increase employment-oriented Vocational Training among Youths, neighbour Institutions and Communities within KCVA vicinity; to empower and equip Prisoners - on-Remand and After-Custody with Life-skills for their out-of doors world of competitive entrepreneurship; to enable HIV/AIDS victims and virus carriers cope with the situation by gaining life-skills; to enable Trainees acquire a junior and Advanced Craft Certificate respectively, and to increase small scale industries in the Region by 15% annually for added-value enterprises. Kisoro Community Volunteers Association believers strongly in the holistic approach require that such projects be planned, designed and managed within the broader development needs of community development and environmental considerations. The association therefore believers in long-term solutions to development problems through sustainable and environmentally sound natural resource management.

How can you help?

Contact us by email at: kisorovolunteers@yahoo.com
Call us at: 256-772-877-257
Mail us at: P.O.Box 63 kisoro. UGANDA

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